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Egg Inc is a business simulation game on mobile, the player will play as an egg farmer and must manage and develop his farm to produce more eggs.


Name Egg Inc
Pagekage name com.auxbrain.egginc
Version 1.26.2
Size 35 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Auxbrain Inc

About of Egg Inc APK

Egg Inc is a mobile business simulation game, developed by Auxbrain Inc. In the game, the player will play the role of an egg farmer and must manage and develop his farm to produce more eggs.

Initially, the player will have a small number of eggs and money to start with. Players need to use that money to buy equipment and improve the productivity of their farm. The player also needs to manage the feeding of the chickens and monitor their health to ensure that they can produce more eggs.

Overview of the game Egg Inc Mobile APK

Egg Inc is an entertaining mobile business game, developed and published by Auxbrain Inc. The game was first released in 2016 for iOS and Android platforms, and has quickly become one of the most popular games on the App Store and Google Play.

In the game, the player will play the role of an egg farmer, managing and developing his farm to increase his egg production and income. Players can buy and upgrade equipment and tools, invest in scientific research to improve egg production and optimize production processes.

Each time a player achieves a certain goal, they will be promoted to a new level, open new features and facing tougher challenges. During the game, players will also have to manage resources, take care of the health of the chickens, and optimize feed and price management to achieve the best profit.

Egg Inc has simple graphics, cute sounds and features social networking, allowing players to compete and share achievements with their friends. The game also provides players with different levels to challenge their business management abilities and make the game interesting and unique.

Some features of the game Egg Inc Mobile APK

Chicken egg farm management: The player will take the role of an egg farm owner and must manage the operations of the farm, including raising chickens, preparing food for them, harvesting eggs, and selling eggs to sell eggs. earn money.

Farm Upgrades: Players can upgrade their farm by purchasing and upgrading equipment, tools and items, to increase farm productivity and earn higher profits.

Cost control: Players need to manage the resources, prices and costs of the farm to optimize profits.

Challenge: The game offers players different levels to challenge their business management abilities. Challenges include improving productivity, optimizing production processes, reducing costs, and facing different challenges.

Scientific Research: Players can invest in scientific research to improve egg yield, reduce costs and optimize production processes.

Social networking feature: The game provides players with social networking feature to compete and share achievements with their friends.

Simple graphics and cute sounds: The game has simple graphics and cute sounds, providing an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience for players.

Game mode, graphics of the game Egg Inc APK

The graphics of the game Egg Inc are quite simple and cute. The game uses a series of simple images, but all of these images are very delicately designed and give a harmonious and lovely look to the game.

The images in the game include chickens, some equipment and tools, and some farms. These images are designed in cartoon style, with bright colors, flexible movements and meticulous details. The sound in the game is also quite simple and matches its graphics, providing a fun and relaxing gaming experience.

While the graphics of the game Egg Inc are quite simple, that is part of the appeal of the game, as it makes the game playable and accessible for all ages.

How to play the game Egg Inc Latest version

  • Open the game: Download and install the game from your mobile device's app store, then open the game.
  • Start Farm Management: After opening the game you will start with a small farm and some chickens. Your task is to manage the farm and collect eggs to sell to earn money.
  • Raising chickens: Take care of chickens so that they grow healthy and lay eggs. You need to make sure to provide them with enough food and water.
  • Collect eggs: When chickens lay eggs, you need to collect eggs and sell them to earn money. You can also use eggs to make other products to sell.
  • Farm Upgrades: Use earned coins to buy and upgrade other equipment, tools, and items to increase farm productivity and profitability.
  • Scientific research: Invest money in scientific research to improve egg yield, reduce costs, and optimize production processes.
  • Challenges and levels: The game offers many different levels to challenge your management. Each level has its own goals and challenges to complete.
  • Social networking: Connect with friends via social networks to compete and share your achievements.
  • Optimization: Optimize your farm to get the most profit and get the highest score in the game.
  • It's a basic guide to playing the game Egg Inc. The game is easy to play and fun, but requires concentration and strategy to achieve the best results.

Pros and cons of the Egg Inc game for iOS


  • The graphics are simple, easy on the eyes and very interesting.
  • The gameplay is simple, easy to play and accessible.
  • The game has many levels and goals to achieve, making it possible for players to play for a long time without getting bored.
  • There are many features and farm upgrade options that allow players to customize and optimize egg production.


  • The game can get boring after a long time playing.
  • You will need to invest a lot of time and effort in order to progress faster or get the highest score.
  • The game has many objectives and farm upgrade options, requiring concentration and strategy to achieve the best results.


Egg Inc is a simple entertainment game, but extremely interesting and addictive. Simple graphics and exceptional sound help create an interesting space for players to explore and learn more about how to manage a chicken farm and produce eggs. The gameplay is simple and accessible but still offers a challenge and creates many objectives and levels for the player to achieve.

Although the game has some drawbacks, they do not affect the entertainment and attractiveness of this game much. If you are looking for a simple and fun entertaining game, then Egg Inc is a great choice for you.



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