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AllMovieLandV2 App APK is a multimedia entertainment app that allows you to access thousands of movies, TV shows and more on your Android and iOS devices easily and for free.

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Name AllMovieLand App
Version 8.0.3
Size 16.4 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer AllMovieLandv2

Introducing AllMovieLand App APK

AllMovieLand APK is a special all-in-one movie viewing application designed to provide a free and engaging entertainment experience for users on both Android and iOS operating systems. With thousands of movies and series, it is a diverse source of entertainment for everyone.

This application allows users to access and watch free movies, TV shows, music and many other multimedia content from different sources worldwide. No need to use complicated VPN apps, AllMovieLand V2 App APK download for android helps users save time and money when accessing media content.

Overview of AllMovieLand Mobile APK

AllMovieLand App has attracted over a million users on both Android and iOS, proving its popularity in the online community. In particular, the updated version of AllMovieLand App APK download for pc has been provided by AllMovielandv2, giving users a better movie watching experience and many attractive features.

AllMovieLand App APK download ios is not only simple and easy to use, but also offers many useful features such as language selection, subtitle support, download and online viewing capabilities, along with adding content to playlists my favorite. Additionally, users can search content by country, genre, and many other criteria to find their favorite movies and shows.


In short, AllMovieLand android tv APK is a diverse, free and attractive movie watching application for people who love online entertainment and want to save money when watching movies on smartphones and tablets.

Features of AllMovieLand App APK Latest Version

Below are some detailed features of AllMovieLandV2 App APK:

  • Diversify Media Content: AllMovieLand App APK provides access to thousands of movies, TV shows, music and many other multimedia content from various sources worldwide. This ensures that users have a variety of entertainment options.
  • No VPN Needed: This app allows users to access content without using additional VPN apps, simplifying the access process and saving time.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The application is designed with a simple and easy-to-use user interface, helping users find and experience content easily.
  • Language Selection and Subtitle Support: Users can change the content language and subtitle support, helping them enjoy media content in the best way.
  • Download and Watch Online: AllMovieLand App APK allows users to choose to watch online or download content to watch later. This provides flexibility in media content consumption.
  • Favorites List: Users can add their favorite movies and shows to a favorites list for easy access to them later.
  • Search Filters: The app provides multiple search filters, including country, genre, and many other criteria, helping users search for media content accurately.
  • Free to Use: AllMovieLand App APK is a free app, allowing users to experience media content without paying a subscription fee.
  • Diverse Streaming Servers: Users will have access to a variety of streaming servers, with varying download and streaming speeds to ensure a smooth movie-watching experience.

Instructions and how to use AllMovieLand App APK

Step 1: Download the application

  • Access the provider's website or the APKRabi AllMovieLand App APK website from your device's browser.
  • Download AllMovieLand App APK file to your device. Make sure you have enabled the "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" option in your Android device's security settings (if applicable).

Step 2: Install the application

  • Open the downloaded APK file to install the app. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Open the application and use

  • Once installation is complete, open the AllMovieLand app on your device.
  • You'll see the app's main interface, with options and content categories.

Step 4: Search and view content

  • Use the search feature or browse the list of genres, countries, or media types to find the movie or show you want to watch.
  • Once you've found the content, select it to view details and choose whether to stream or download (if available).


Step 5: Customize settings (optional)

  • You can adjust app settings, including language selection, subtitle support, and optimal internet speed settings for the best movie-watching experience.

Step 6: Add to favorites list (optional)

  • If you want to keep track of your favorite movies or shows, you can add them to your favorites list.

Step 7: Enjoy entertainment

  • Now you are ready to enjoy free and exciting multimedia content on AllMovieLand app APK. Choose the movie or show you want to watch and enjoy.

Tips and advice for using AllMovieLand App APK iOS

  • Check permissions: Before installing an app, review the permissions it requires. Consider whether the app needs to access your personal information. If there are unnecessary access permissions, turn them off in settings.
  • Update apps regularly: Make sure you're always using the latest version of your app. Updated versions often come with bug fixes and security improvements.
  • Use a VPN (optional): If you care about privacy and security, using a VPN service can help anonymize and protect your online data.
  • Don't share personal information: Avoid sharing personal information, such as usernames, passwords, or account information, with anyone or on any website within the app.
  • Check copyright laws: Many apps offer free copyright content, but make sure you comply with copyright regulations and laws regarding viewing and downloading content.
  • Pay attention to ads: Many free apps have ads. Be careful when clicking ads to avoid unsafe websites or malicious code.

Pros and Cons of AllMovieLand App APK For Android


  • Access Free Media Content: AllMovieLand App V2 APK allows users to access and watch free media content, including movies, TV shows, music and more without paying subscription fees sign.
  • Diverse selection: With thousands of movies and shows, this application provides a wide range of entertainment options for users.
  • Download options: The ability to download content allows users to view content offline, which is very convenient when an internet connection is not available.
  • Supports multiple languages and subtitles: AllMovieLand App APK provides language selection and subtitle support, helping users experience content in the best way.


  • No official support: AllMovieLand App APK has no official support from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, so there is no chance of receiving automatic updates or technical support from the official developer.
  • Internet connection required: To view online content, you need a strong internet connection. Content cannot be viewed without an internet connection.
  • No high-quality support: This app may not provide premium media quality like other paid services.


AllMovieLand App APK is an entertainment application that allows users to access thousands of movies, TV shows, music and many other multimedia content for free and conveniently on their Android and iOS devices surname. This app has many advantages, including a variety of options, an easy-to-use interface, the ability to download content, support for multiple languages and subtitles, and is free to use.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? AllMovieLand App APK

How to search for a movie or TV show in AllMovieLand App APK? +

You can use the search feature by clicking the magnifying glass icon or search from the main page. Then, enter the name of the movie or show you want to search for and press Enter. The search results will display a list of matching options.

Does AllMovieLand App APK support content download? +

Yes, this app allows you to download content for offline viewing. After choosing a movie or show, you can choose to download it and then watch it without an internet connection.

How to add a movie to my favorites list in AllMovieLand App APK? +

To add a movie to your favorites list, you simply select it and then tap the heart icon or similar to mark it as a favorite. The movie will be added to your favorites list for easy access later.

Do I need to register an account to use AllMovieLand App APK? +

No, AllMovieLand App APK does not require you to register an account to use. You can access and use it without an account.

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